Terms & Conditions

What is the cost?

Costs Description

Interest Rate 1% per day (simple interest) the precise interest to be levied on the remaining balance in your account at the end of each day.


Fee £5.50 is added to the amount of the loan and is also applied to new loan top ups.

Extension Fee £10.00 is charged if/when your application to negotiate a later repayment date is accepted.

Late Payment

You are liable to pay a fee of £30, charged on your due balance, if we do not get the money from you by 5pm of the chosen repayment date. Representative example:

Amount of credit: £150 for 18 days. Interest: £27.99. Interest rate: 365%pa (fixed). Transmission fee: £5.50. One total repayment of: £183.49. Representative 5853% APR.

Adding additional credit

If the original amount you borrow is £200, taken out for a period of 20 days. A week before your repayment date you decide to borrow an extra £50, the result of which will be that the total amount you will have to repay has now gone from £246 to £305.37. The extra £50 is included in the amount you have borrowed and a transmission fee of £5.50 and an interest of £3.83 are added onto that amount.

Change of repayment date

A loan of £200 is lent for a period of 20 days; however, after 15 days the customer decides to extend the loan repayment date by a week. Now the customer will have to make a part payment of £36.33 to clear all the interest and fees now accumulated on the loan. The customer will thereafter make a payment of £235.20 on his fresh repayment date as opposed to the £246.60 that he would have been required to pay on the repayment date of the past.

Make sure PaydayLoansNowDirect.co.uk if offering the appropriate loan for your needs. 3 documents need to be studied before deciding whether to proceed with the loan application or not:

* Information regarding our services explained in a loan explanation.

* The information table with all the key facts highlighted

* PaydayLoansNowDirect.co.uk terms and conditions

Please read these documents and before proceeding give careful consideration to make sure whether the loan is well suited to your particular circumstances or not.