Privacy Policy

SmartPayday abides by a strict premise based on trust. When customers are required to share their personal details with a lending company, it is incumbent upon it to keep that information in utmost secrecy. We ensure that the trust and security of our customers is high up on our agenda.

SmartPayday Privacy Policy life is equivalent to and in some cases greater than the life of the loan contract that our customers make with us. As our privacy policy is constantly under scrutiny, we reserve the right to amend it; therefore any modifications to the content of the policy are shown on our website. We value our customer’s privacy considerations.

1. Security

For security purposes, we have firewalls and data encryption systems installed into our system. Unauthorized persons are barred from access to our premises and only those employees with official access for the performance of job responsibilities are permitted. SmartPayday uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption software to make sure that the information given out to us on our website stays secure.

2. Sources of Information

* The information given out through the application process;

* The information shared with payday through communication

* From customer service providers and credit bureau for assistance in the process of customer verification and credit-related enquiry.

Our customers IP addresses, operating systems and browser types are also collected at times for product improvement and system administration. Further details can be found on our Cookies Policy.

At times, a need arises to record/and or monitor calls for conducting staff training and making quality checks.

3. Information Usage

Information management

SmartPayday is entitled to maintain the records of some basic information of its customers.

Often, payday will hold on to your debit card details for potential use for the future such as for making further payments on your recent loan or any subsequent ones thereafter. However, if you explicitly instruct us otherwise, we will discard your debit card details.

Fraudulent use of a card mandates that a record should be maintained of its use for reporting the fraud and preventing its future occurrence. Nevertheless, the account particulars will be deactivated so there is no threat of reuse to take more money from your account.

Information collected through a Credit Reference Agency or Fraud Prevention Agency also falls under personal information. We will hold your data on our systems as follows:

* For taking out a loan - 7 Years

* Cancelling your loan request- 3 Years

* All other circumstances - 3 months *

Information we share

Your personal information is safe with us unless we need to disclose it to third parties for reasons outlined in this policy. SmartPayday outsources its services to reliable affiliates who are tied into a contract to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided to them and to use it only according to SmartPayday guidelines.

4. Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) and Fraud Prevention Agencies (FPAs)

The below mentioned records about you will be used (and others according to a need basis):

i. SmartPayday’s own records;

ii. Records obtained from CRAs;

iii. FPAs records.

5. Transfer of Information

At times our customer’s personal information may have to be shared outside the UK and in those cases maintenance of your private records is our responsibility.

6. Access to customer information

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, our customers reserve the right to go through specific personal records that SmartPayday keeps about them.