About Us

SmartPayday: Simplest solution to your money problems!

SmartPayday has brought about waves in the old fashioned world of high street banking and conventional lending by its one of a kind range of simple, flexible and transparent services on the loan market.

An automated System:

Our mission entails the provision of short term credit for occasional short term cash flow problems for people as well as businesses. SmartPayday operates a responsible work ethic. We function, 24/7, on fully automated and real-time risk technology that enables the rapid processing of thousands of pieces of data which results in the making of impartial decisions in a mere matter of seconds. Attached to the services of SmartPayday are incomparable speed, convenience as well as control in the hands of the customers.

SmartPayday was among the first few companies in the world to launch the fully automated lending process. If a loan request has been accepted, the customer will receive the money in his bank account in a matter of minutes. Our efficiency is grounded in the fact that we only lend to businesses and individuals selected through a highly rigorous procedure. Our operating principles are clear and unambiguous.

SmartPayday has to turn down loan requests of around two-thirds of first time applicants because the ability of these people/businesses to repay appears ambiguous. Nevertheless, millions of loans have been disbursed through the web as well as via smartphones.

SmartPayday has a consumer credit license from the Office of Fair Trading and is a member of the Finance and Leasing Association. The full explanation of our operating procedures and the standard for customer treatment is set out in our code of practice. SmartPayday is resolute about the FLA Lending Code and the Good Practice Customer Charter as well as the addendum directed at short-term lenders.

A system with a difference:

SmartPayday is not a direct lending company and nor is it a broker house. We are not a money sucking business and customer consideration is at the heart of our work ethic. We offer a loan service with a difference; embrace the long agonizing waits, added covers of complication and rigidity that individuals and businesses have conventionally encountered, as a thing of the past.

It is time to bid farewell to all those long meetings with bank managers and wearisome phone calls. The totality of our service provision is on a digital and real-time basis. Loan applicants are the ones who decide for themselves what amount they want to borrow, as per the need of the hour, and for how long they need to borrow it for, according to their future repayment capabilities (days or weeks). We do not shove less than appropriate loan deals down to our valued customers by exploiting the lack of lender alternatives; SmartPayday is the revolutionary alternative of bank loans itself. In our hands, customers are not forced to borrow unsuitable fixed sum loans with large interest rates. The additional advantaged resides in SmartPayday’s fee-free repayment option.